About Blue Moon East Texas Wedding Venue

Welcome to our beautiful Blue Moon Dreams wedding venue in Canton. Your dreams will become a reality when you see our location and all the things we have to offer for any and all occasions. We are located on 96 acres and have several locations for you to choose from for your great plans. We are located half way between Dallas and Tyler in the Canton Texas area. Our views are simply amazing.

The Venue

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Blue Moon Dreams has a 58ft bar that lights up and a commercial outdoor kitchen. The deck area is 3,200 square feet. The kitchen has a grill, wok, flat grill, stove, freezer, refrigerator, pizza oven, a 70 inch TV with a great stereo and sound system for your entertainment.


We offer a variety of different hosting services to choose from including some of the following examples:


*Up to 350 guests

Corporate Events

*Up to 350 guests

Sporting Events

*Any size guests

Private Parties



What We Provide:

Tables and chairs are provided. Our bar area seats about 100 with close viewing of the large outdoor HDTV. We offer a wide range of options for sound, music, etc. included for no extra charge. In addition, we have commercial cooking facilities with ample ice and refrigerators for your needs.

For an extra fee we can provide food, drinks, alcohol, valet, entertainment or DJ. Any alcohol requires hiring TABC certified bartenders and security along with extra insurance coverage, which we can provide for a fee.

What We Allow:

You pick your dream event and we can help you make it happen. We look forward to making your dreams come true. We allow sparklers (which we can provide for a fee), bird seed, and numerous other services that most venues ban. We allow weddings on horseback, four wheelers, and more.

For booked events, we allow photo op days in advance of your booked date at no extra expense. On the day of the event our hours run from 9am till midnight unless otherwise preplanned. For clients with booked wedding dates, we allow for a 50% discount for a rehearsal dinner the evening before the wedding date.


Please fill out our contact form below with your event details and we will reserve it for you.

Contact Information:

  • 5550 HWY 2909
  • Canton, Texas 75103